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Inspiration: Global Market

The AFFLUENT generation, which is influencing the world of consumer goods, has brought about a radical transformation of global market dynamics.


Inspiration: Surfing

SURFING, represents the most current mood combining the spirit of adventure, freedom of movement, challenge, research for explorationand innovation of technique. To challenge wind, water, balance, gravity, weight, to fly, or rather "surf", RIDING THE WAVES OF WATER AND THE DIMENSIONS OF THE WEB.


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| Arsutoria #475

Soles and heels: there is no getting away from sustainability

By now it is clear and obvious, the world of footwear structures can no longer ignore the issues of sustainability, the constant and incremental search for new materials, whether they are of organic or recycled origin. Almost all of the innovative designs proposed for the upcoming fall winter 2023/24 have emphasized environmental friendliness.

If we look at the aesthetic themes emphasized, thick and important bottoms designed specially to accompany the new wave of boots that will undoubtedly invade future winter storefronts jump out at us.
But the theme of the height of the bottoms and their solid and massive appearance remains well anchored even in the low models, whether sneakers or loafers. Colors and graphics, a theme usually unaccustomed for the cold months, are instead making their way into the 2023s.
Beware the graphics are also going to invade the territories of elegance, which is unlikely to be expressed in minimalist tones.

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| Arsutoria #467

Lots of colour and distinct volumes for summer 2023 soles

Volume, color and more volume: the shoe soles fo Spring Summer 2023 present an important and aggressive look, even on models that are usually more graceful, and an explosive color palette that stresses the desire to have fun again.