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Trends Spring/Summer 2025

Making an impact for a Planet X. Choosing the ingredients of one's Memory. Design your own A.I. future.


January 2024

The coming hot season, that of spring/summer 2025, will be marked by a distinct focus on natural elements, by a focus on the kind of memory built on cultural blends typical of our times, and by a future that could be forged by artificial intelligence.

What does this all mean? That a sneaker might return to nature through washed-out fabrics reminiscent of a desert after the storm, frayed rather than dusty.

But that same sneaker could feature hyper-reflective materials and have the typical appearance of a portrait from the future. Well-textured and with materials reminiscent of surfaces from distant planets. And it is amazing how ever that sneaker could be redesigned, reinvented and reimagined as if artificial intelligence had designed it. Taste then would shift to creations that look to the past but also hide a surprising touch of the present.

For it is precisely A.I. that is the perfect tool for blending worlds distant in space, culture and time, and generating astonishing novelty. On the wall where the tones of 2025 are brushed, you will find a color aesthetic that ranges from urban Afro and Latin to synthetic hyperrealism, and then crosses over into the transparencies of sporty well-being.

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