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July 2024


The new multi-stakeholder digital platform created to bring companies and citizens closer to sustainability and circularity in fashion and design.

R4MILANOECOSYSTEM, the new multi-stakeholder digital platform developed with the aim of communicating and promoting circularity and sustainability in the fashion and design sector to the entire Milan ecosystem, was presented last June at Green Media Lab, media relations and digital company certified B Corp since 2018. The platform is part of MUSA (Multilayered Urban Sustainability Action) – an Ecosystem of Innovation funded by the Ministry of University and Research within the PNRR – and is structured in three large macro-areas: Companies, Citizens and Knowledge.

During the event, the first four pilot projects were unveiled: ‘From Fashion to Design’, ‘Eco-plas pack’, ‘The Library of Objects’, and ‘Shoes keep walking’, developed with the collaboration of Milan’s universities and a number of local stakeholders.

In particular, in the ‘Companies’ macro-area, users can learn about pilot projects and their support guidelines, which are useful to be replicable in the future and to disseminate the knowledge developed. There is also a space dedicated to creating a network of contacts useful for the promotion of exchanges and projects and a database for the study of innovative, sustainable and circular materials and processes.

In the Knowledge macro-area, on the other hand, there is room for scientific articles and publications, recommended content to deepen knowledge, books dedicated to the topic and open, free online courses for learning about sustainability topics.

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