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26 April marks World Leather Day

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April 2024

26 April marks World Leather Day

Leather Naturally invites everybody to share photos and information on their social channels

26 April 2024 marks World Leather Day, a global initiative established in 2022 at the instigation of Leather Naturally and Leather Working Group (LWG) to enhance the image of leather and promote its use. ‘Repair, Reuse, Re-use’ is the theme chosen for this year’s celebrations, which aims to emphasise the special characteristics of the material, primarily durability and circularity.

“World Leather Day is more than just a celebration; it’s a commitment to responsible practices. We aim to foster a deeper understanding of the leather industry by showcasing its craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability” they explain from Leather Naturally.

Leather Naturally invites everyone to take an active part in the celebrations by sharing photos and information on their social channels, which will be made available to everyone a few days before the event: ” Whether you are a leading company or brand, a seasoned leather professional, designer, student, reporter from the industry, an employee of a leading leather-related company or a curious newcomer, we invite you to become a partner of World Leather Day and join the celebration”.
To request the Social Media Kit prepared for World Leather Day click HERE.

Key hashtags:
* #WorldLeatherDay
* #WorldLeatherDay2024
* #LeatherNaturally
* #LeatherWorkingGroup

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