ArsTannery #02/2022: Sustainability in the tanning industry

Even the chemical tanning sector can no longer ignore the call to sustainability and it is implementing a series of actions aimed at lowering the environmental impact of its processes.

The progress that the chemical tanning sector is making to lower its environmental impact is real and measurable. In this issue we talk about green chemistry, biobased materials, carbon footprint, waste valorisation and new research projects worthy of attention.

As we all know by now, the sustainability concept is of crucial importance and represents an irreversible trend in all sectors. In the following pages we have therefore tried to understand in which direction the leading companies in the chemical tanning industry are moving. 

Among the most interesting themes, we point out the interview with Gustavo Defeo, an expert tanning chemist, who has developed an innovative method to measure the carbon content of materials and consequently their real sustainability, as well as the intervention of Prof. Raspolli of the Greencat research group of the University of Pisa, who is studying waste & biomass valorisation for the development of a new class of metal-free vegetable tanning agents. 

In a market that is increasingly attentive to the purchase of sustainable products, it is of course also necessary to deal with certifications. The first one is ICEC which, among the novelties of this year, proposes the verification of the ethical claim “we recover our hides/skins from the food chain” reaffirming the circularity of leather. Then there is Techa (Archa group) which, after the biodegradable leather label, introduces the iVirty brand which evaluates the compostability of footwear and leather goods.

As for tanneries, Mastrotto Group announces that it has obtained, the first tannery in the world to do so, two important environmental product certications, while PrimeAsia tells us about its journey towards sustainability using transparency as a guide for further progress.

Last but not least, we point out the technical article that presents a research conducted by the Wroclaw University on the enhancement of tannery waste in view of circular economy.


Contents inside the special issue:

  • Sustainability, let’s talk about concrete progress
  • Transparency of materials is fundamental 
  • Progress in sustainable technologies of leather wastes valorization as solutions for the circular economy

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