[Report] Lineapelle. From nature to the city, passing through the 1980s: the materials for Spring Summer 2023

report lineapelle - spring summer 2023 materials trends

Materials of the next Spring Summer 2023 speak the language of nature, playing on the theme of lightness. Ample space is also given to the urban style, fun and playful, flanked by bright colors, strong and decisive shades, that recall the excesses of the ’80s.

It is a journey into the past, but also into the typical places of quiet nature or the chaotic urban context, the one that is proposed for next spring summer 2023.

Leathers, fabrics, synthetics, accessories and components seen at Lineapelle recall retro aspects alongside with very bright colour tones, albeit in pastel shades.

You stumble upon the theme of lightness, a realm of holes, nets, open weaves, swellings, reptiles with aerial scales, light prints, 3D effects that empty the matter.

As for the return to nature, we let ourselves be carried away by mellow suede, greased and velvety leathers, ultra-soft suede, fur, with an emphasis on new eco-friendly solutions.

The journey to the urban is cloaked in a fun and playful mood that loves to get noticed and freely mixes ethnic, tropical and animal liveries.

For a blast from the past, we rely on the triumph of excess and good mood, fluorescent colours, strong and decisive shades, hyper-coloured and pop prints, ‘candy paper’ effects, ‘screamed’ metallics. Enamelled and coloured metalwork, studs, chains. There remains the final desire to be noticed with iridescence, luminescence and metallic reflections.

Contents inside the special issue:

  • From nature to urban, passing through the 1980s
  • Lineapelle brings 13 thousand visitors to Milan
  • Ecotan unveils the first shreddable shoe that feeds the planet
  • SS23 Materials & Components

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