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IFABA’s many faces of sustainability

International leader in the production of lasts for footwear, Ifaba focuses on an innovative approach to production that combines all-round sustainability with product and service quality.

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May 2024

IFABA’s many faces of sustainability

Among the company’s choices already made in favour of the environment, of primary importance is the installation of a photovoltaic system at the Parabiago headquarters, which makes it possible to considerably reduce emissions, with 97,500 kilos of CO2 saved and a total power output of 183 kWp: numbers that translate into an environmental benefit comparable to the planting of 1772 trees. Even more recent is the plant in Pieve a Nievole, with a total power output of 80 kWp, also capable of significantly reducing emissions, with 42,640 kilos of CO2 saved per year and an environmental benefit comparable to the planting of 776 trees; the Fossò site in Veneto, soon to be opened, is also preparing to become IFABA’s new flagship, especially in terms of sustainability.

In addition to what has already been mentioned, there is the installation of a new plastic moulding machine in Parabiago – which will make machine stoppages close to zero, reducing energy consumption on an annual basis by 28% compared to the previous decommissioned plant, – and the overhaul of the numerical control lathes present in all the factories of the industrial group, which will significantly reduce energy requirements thanks to the use of innovative software capable of controlling and optimising consumption in real time.

Discarded lasts for shoe factories will be recovered to be shredded and sent for recovery and recycling to finally be reused by the last makers as raw material for new lasts: this joint effort will maximise the recovery of materials, minimising the use of resources and promoting circularity.

An agreement with the company Omnisyst also ensures the company monitors CO2 savings. Thus, the industrial group based in Parabiago (MI) – which has two branches in Italy and one in Romania – is preparing to obtain ISO 9001 certification on quality management systems, ISO 14001 on environmental management systems and ISO 45001 on safety in the workplace in the course of 2024.

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