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Cirql rTPU30 by OrthoLite® midsole: fully Recyclable, made with 30% recycled TPU

A real innovation for the Global Footwear Industry. It is patented, scalable, and manufactured through a chemical-free supercritical foaming process.

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April 2024

Cirql rTPU30 by OrthoLite® midsole: fully Recyclable, made with 30% recycled TPU

OrthoLite®, the global leader of comfort and performance footwear insoles and the company behind Cirql™, a sustainable materials solutions provider for the global footwear industry, unveils a new midsole foam called Cirql rTPU30. This brand new patented innovation is made with 30-percent GRS-certified post-consumer recycled TPU material and manufactured through a chemical-free, supercritical foaming process. With 16 granted patents and additional patents pending worldwide for its 30% recycled injection foam, Cirql rTPU30 is a scalable and fully recyclable midsole solution that helps footwear brands to reach their climate and sustainability product goals.

The Cirql rTPU30 material has been tested by third-party labs and passes the essential tests for midsole specs. Cirql rTPU30 will be will be available to footwear brands in Q2 2024 and offered with the option of a co-molded TPU outsole which will remove the current bonding process and make it a glueless, single material bottom unit. Alternatively, Cirql’s midsole foam innovations can also be conventionally bonded to all outsoles on the market today.

“Cirql represents not only an entirely new product and patented foaming process for OrthoLite, it also is an opportunity to minimize waste and pollution on a wide scale across all footwear,” said Matt Thwaites, Vice President and General Manager of Cirql.

Fully recyclable Cirql rTPU30, along with the fully biodegradable and compostable range of products, round out the Cirql materials solutions for addressing product end of life cycles.

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