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Full satisfaction with the 37th IULTCS Congress in Chengdu, China

More than 400 delegates at the world summit of leather chemists that showcased "Innovations to make leather irreplaceable"


A new Leather Manifesto presented at COP28

The global leather industry united to sign a document reaffirming the positive impact of leather


The Italian Leather Research Institute speaks of circular economy at Ecomondo

The SOLARIS project aimed at developing sustainable leathers was presented in Rimini


AICC national conference: let's support sustainability

In San Miniato, Nov. 10, the focus was on rules and the need for shared measurements to calculate the environmental impact of the tanning process, but also on the importance of more effective communication


UNPAC, working on the LCA of leather chemicals

Looking ahead to the launch of a collective label to enhance the value of more sustainable chemical products in line with the rules of the MADE GREEN IN ITALY scheme


Revoc4life: the European project to abate VOCs in Santa Croce

The challenge, which passes through the reuse of KEU, is to develop a more sustainable tanning process


AICC Veneto technical conference took stock of research, innovation and sustainability

Seven important papers dedicated to the progress of the leather chemical sector were presented in Arzignano last September 29th


ITALTANNERY PROJECT: the challenge towards sustainable tannery

Open to anyone the new technology platform to promote collaboration and arrive at the definition of new industry standards


Distretto Veneto della Pelle and Confartigianato Imprese Vicenza sign a collaboration agreement

The goal is to put in place joint actions dedicated to businesses in the leather industry


Corichem among 1000 Best Performing Companies in Vicenza 2023

The Veneto-based leather chemicals company has been honoredby the ItalyPost Study Center and Corriere della Sera


GSC Group, the second series of video tutorials is coming soon

Through a new digital format, the Italian chemical company explains the importance of chemical and physical tests on leather


APLF ASEAN 2023 elevated ASEAN to the international level

The APLF ASEAN 2023, the one and only leather exhibition in Thailand, has concluded with great success. A grand stage for young designers, and the answer to all the needs of the industry under one roof.


FGL International supported the Venice Sustainable Fashion Forum

The Tuscany-based leather chemical company aims to be an active part of the leather supply chain’s green transition


Simac Tanning Tech's vitality infuses the industry with courage

New proposals were seen in terms of process organization and digitalization towards a sustainable transition.


Promote innovation in the fashion supply chain

With Maria Vittoria Brustia, President of Assomac and of the Simac Tanning Tech event, we evaluate the challenges that the sector is facing, sometimes with urgency.


A success the 21st UITIC International Footwear Congress

Companies must innovate to become sustainable, fully embracing the digital transformation that is the key driver of this change. This is the main message that came out of the UITIC Congress.


The future of manufacturing in leather supply chains

How technological evolution must accompany the evolution of business models.


Co-designing the manufacturing of the future

 The annual ASSOMAC Members' Meeting defined the challenges for the leather supply chain that will need to be equipped with innovative technologies.


The M.O.ReE software,the beating heart of ERRETRE drums

The system optimizes the management of the milling department


GEMATA: precision finishing with the Greenstar roller coater

Innovative technology underpins the machine for the finishing in reverseof whole and half cowhides


SELIN PROJECTS introduces Leathertronic and a new universal leather measuring machine

First LEATHERTRONIC™ system allows you to "read" both wet and dry hides and skins


BERGI, continuous improvements to its flagship technologies

The Veneto-based company displayed some of its most successful equipment at the fair, such as the Starlux press and the Attiva belt buffing machine


TODESCO: consumption reduced by 73% with Purple system

Paolo Todesco explains how the innovative finishing process that allows leathers to be dried at low temperatures using UV rays as catalysts came about


ESCOMAR: more power and less consumption with the 8-cylinder

The Veneto-based company has launched the "PCR-e8" model, which ensures high performance with significant energy savings


I-TECH: maximum efficiencywith the COLOR HERE SYSTEM

The company specializes in proposing integrated and customized solutions for production improvement in the finishing department


MOSCONI, increasingly bright star Antares

The market likes the splitting machine with automatic feeding that never stops


NEXUS: the new generation automatic leather stacker

Cutting-edge mechanics for Big Brother, the system for hides stacking in the tannery


BAUCE: the new RM setting out machine is full electric

A traditional yet innovative press that provides significant energy savings


CARTIGLIANO: the best innovations are born in partnership with customers

The Veneto-based company has developed new systems that revolutionize leather drying


STENI SYSTEM, fewer defects with the OPTIMA buffing machine

The machine has been optimized with the introduction of a new blade assembly that is gentler on the leather and reduces waste


SC presents CLEANDISC, microfilters for waste waters

Patented innovation allows for greater filtering surface area than traditional systems


All articles for ArsTannery

| ArsTannery #05-2023

ArsTannery #05-2023: An autumn full of news

A roundup of previews regarding the technologies that major companies in the leather processing industry will present at Simac Tanning Tech is the main topic of this issue, which turns the spotlight on important innovations that enable tanneries to optimize processes to reduce environmental impact, automate processing steps and lower energy and chemical consumption.
We then discuss the 37th IULTCS Congress dedicated to “Innovations to make leather irreplaceable” to be held in China next October in the presence of the world’s leading experts in leather chemicals. Finally, we report an interview with Elisa Gavazza, ZDHC’s director for Southern Europe, who reports on the latest news affecting tanneries and manufacturers of leather chemicals engaged in the program aimed at zeroing chemical risk.

| ArsTannery #04-2023

ArsTannery #04-2023: The substantive sustainability of the Italian tannery

There is a system that seems to focus everything on “formal sustainability” and there are those who, like the Italian tannery, represent an example of “substantial sustainability.” These were the words of President Fabrizio Nuti at the last UNIC assembly, who reiterated how there are not many industries whose raw material is derived from a waste from another supply chain. Italian tanners, moreover, have gone further by putting in place “a recycling and reuse chain of their production waste in tanneries that has no equal, treating and reusing it for the cosmetics industry, the food industry, agriculture and construction. The result is a circularity rate of more than 99 percent.”

| ArsTannery #03-2023

ArsTannery #03-2023: wating for Simac Tanning Tech and UITIC Congress

Our sector has been willing to commit itself by introducing voluntary certification methodologies for machinery. A distinctive element of Italian savoir-faire aimed at achieving those sustainable development goals of which much is spoken.
A supportive action will have to be taken on these issues that focuses on the promotion of Italian System, capable of sustaining the sector in the fierce international competition.
With this in mind, the events scheduled for next September and October 2023 will also lend themselves to become important moments of discussion and dialogue for the supply chain.

| ArsTannery #02-2023

ArsTannery #02-2023: From green transition to circular chemistry

The tanning industry’s transition to cleaner, circular production processes is now a given. The recovery of processing waste for the development of bio-based chemicals is the latest frontier in this path aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the tanning process. From green chemistry we move to the principles of circular chemistry with the understanding that a greener leather production environment, both in terms of reducing emissions and waste, is essential for the defense of a truly sustainable industrial system.

| ArsTannery #01-2023

ArsTannery #01/2023: Leather chemicals, where does research point?

Many topics in this first issue of 2023. The focus is on the latest chemical tanning of automotive leathers, a sector whose balance sheet remains negative but where there are encouraging signs. Looking up higher, the last UNIC & Italian Tanneries meeting showed a two-sided 2022 economy with a very positive first half followed by a more complicated second half of the year.

| Tannery #06

ArsTannery #06/2022: Focus on technological innovations

This issue is dedicated to Simac Tanning Tech 2022 with a full-bodied report of the innovations presented at the world’s most important leather area technology fair by the best companies in the mechano-tanning industry. Machine manufacturers’ attention is focused on improving environmental performance with solutions that enable the reduction of water, energy and chemical consumption while lowering waste production and emissions of all kind.


ArsTannery #05/2022: Tannery sector restarts with innovations

The tanning sector restarts in September with lots of interesting innovations coming from the leading chemical companies and an agenda full of events and appointments. It begins with III IULTCS EuroCongress scheduled from September 18 to 20.


ArsTannery #03/2022: Technology in the spotlight, and more

From new technologies that you will find at the next Simac Tanning Tech 2022 exhibition, to advanced devices and systems that improve the environmental performance of machinery, to technologies that reduce the environmental impact of cattle farms. Let’s talk about technological innovations, and more.


Leather making: a detailed guide of the most modern methods

Leather Naturally, a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands focuses on educating and promoting the use of leather, has developed a guidebook to modern cowhide processing with the goal of disseminating accurate information on the topic.


ArsTannery #01/2022: Automotive industry and market news

The spotlight is on automotive, a sector that remains crucial for the leather industry even though it is not so much suffering today from the lack of demand, but rather due to supply chain bottlenecks and the semiconductor crisis.