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Vesta Corporation tells its story through the first Sustainability Report

In the document, the Tuscan tannery reports on its current commitment and future objectives

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February 2024

Vesta Corporation tells its story through the first Sustainability Report

Active since 1966 in Ponte a Egola, Vesta Corporation is a benchmark for the processing of heavy leathers and lighter calfskins. The company works with both the world of elegant women’s footwear and luxury leather goods brands, as well as the technical and premium sportswear market, offering chrome and metal free tanned leathers.
At the end of the year, the Tuscan tannery published its first Sustainability Report “a choice not due but desired, by those who in recent years have directed their investments and resources towards the development of an increasingly responsible production and business management model,” as stated in the press release.
The information contained therein refers to the year 2022 and, where possible, data from the previous year is reported, in order to allow comparability of data over time and to assess the performance of Vesta’s activities. Sustainability is an objective-driven path, which is why the comparison allows us to concretely measure the growth of the company, which is committed to continuing this reporting from year to year. The improvement actions already implemented by Vesta involve corporate responsibility from an environmental, social and governance point of view. They translate, for example, into the innovation of the heating system and processing (with the creation of a new bottling department with 4.0 technology), which guarantee significant energy, water and economic savings. In addition to the numerous company certifications, there are also the Raw Material Traceability certification with an EXCELLENT score and Carbon and Water footprint analyses.
As a demonstration of its commitment to improving the company’s performance, the Leather Working Group’s rating (which measures the environmental performance of leather manufacturers for environmentally friendly production and systemic management of quality, environment, safety and ethics) has been upgraded from BRONZE (2020) to GOLD in 2023. This also includes the code of ethics adopted by Vesta, which guides the daily work of the company and its employees, charting the course for future goals. Achieving energy independence is one of the most important steps looming on the horizon, through the installation of a photovoltaic system. This is accompanied by the realisation of a project to fully offset its CO2 emissions for the year reported and certified. This neutrality will be achieved through the acquisition of credits from UN-certified projects, such as the construction of a major hydroelectric plant, to which Vesta is contributing.
At the production level, the company’s research is focusing on the development of solutions that reduce water and energy consumption, as well as the implementation of circular dynamics through the adoption of more and more products that are considered bio-based, guaranteeing a more sustainable end-of-life for products and waste. Vesta’s 40 employees and the territory in which it operates are and will continue to be central to the company’s vision, which is committed to constantly improving their well-being and development.

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