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Footwear and leather goods sector: the importance of handing down the know-how to future generations

Training in the footwear and leather goods sector

What role do schools play in training professional figures for the world of footwear and leather goods? Why hand down the know-how to future generations is so important? We discuss these themes in the special issue dedicated to the world of education, with a focus on Arsutoria School.

Until a good part of the last century, learning a profession meant doing things. You learn by doing things. ‘Go for an apprenticeship’, they used to say.

That scenario has radically changed today and the training theme is considered crucial by many, if not by all the players in the world of work, in particular by those who work in the manufacturing sector.

Productivity needs of today’s entrepreneurial activities rarely enable the workforce to ‘grow’ internally, schools are therefore increasingly entrusted with the task of preparing young people for the concreteness of their future tasks. Moreover, in the manufacturing sector you have to comply with the difficulty to find a workforce, young people who accept to undertake careers they wrongly consider second level.

The training theme is thus not unreasonably considered crucial so that we can hope that both the quality tradition of certain know-how will be handed down to future generations, and also that an in-depth knowledge of trade will keep the footwear and leather goods sectors alive. A training that prepares them with foresight towards a vitality capable of continuing the research and development of novelties. Innovations capable of continuing the growth of the companies’ path in the segment beautiful and well-made.

With this section of Arsutoria, dedicated to the world of education (with an obvious focus on experiences related to Arsutoria School), we want to emphasise the importance of constant and permanent training. Because training is just like an arch: it is able to support massive constructions while leaving an opening that leads to the continuation of a path.

We will discover how the Arsutoria School courses, after the stops imposed by the pandemic, are regaining strength. We will learn about the new training courses dedicated to leather goods, sponsored by the Lombardy Region. We will see how companies and associations believe in training to the extent that they promote relevant international projects and competitions (Design Na Pele - Next Gen Designer and JBS - Kind Leather).

Finally, the meeting with the Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda will allow us to appreciate the work of some recent graduates, to understand how far Italian fashion training will go in the near future (thanks to the interview with the new President Matteo Secoli), beyond discovering that certain district training experiences, even if intended for clothing, can prove to be a valid cue also for the footwear and leather goods sector.


Contents inside the special issue:

  • Arsutoria School reopens its doors to students with new programs and training courses 
  • Arsutoria School returns to the USA
  • Arsutoria School renewed the Bag Pattern Making and Prototyping Course
  • "The voice of High Fashion Training Schools must be heard"

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