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New Mono[PA6] backpack from FREITAG: one material, many recycles

The first circular FREITAG backpack - made from a single material, designed as a multifunctional 2-in-1 companion for everyday life.

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May 2024

New Mono[PA6] backpack from FREITAG: one material, many recycles

After three years dedicated to development FREITAG launches another circular innovation: the Mono[PA6] backpack is not only functional, durable and water-repellent, but also recyclable in its entirety and therefore entirely circular. From the fabric to the zips to the buckles, the backpack is made from a single material so that it can be easily recycled as a whole at the end of its life cycle. The material chosen is polyamide 6 or PA6, better known as nylon: versatile, robust and multifaceted. With the launch of this innovative product, the Zurich-based bag manufacturer closes a material loop and takes a new important step towards its vision of a circular economy.

FREITAG also followed a co-creative approach in the product design phase: the Mono[PA6] backpack was developed together with British designer Jeffrey Siu and features the musette, a small, removable bag and at the same time a homage to an iconic cycling accessory, which can be worn as a practical shoulder bag or attached to the backpack at several points as an additional outer bag. The volume of the rucksack can also be expanded or reduced thanks to the folded bottom and flexible roll-top closure.

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