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NATIVA™ Cotton

The world’s leading supplier of regeneratively farmed luxury fibers, is introducing cotton to its offer.

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May 2024

NATIVA™ Cotton

NATIVA™ Cotton accelerates the shift towards a more sustainable production system, from farm to brand. Made in Europe, NATIVA™ Cotton is a one-stop solution that certifies cotton growing, sourcing and production under the NATIVA™ Regenerative Program. The NATIVA™ Regenerative Agriculture Program is a robust system with a triple impact based on scientific research and backed by data.

NATIVA™’s Regenerative Agriculture Program protects the land by bettering soil quality, safeguards crops by ensuring soil health, and supports farmers and local communities by improving their livelihoods. These multidisciplinary efforts further result in greater water quality and increased CO2 capturing levels. Measured over a five-year period, NATIVA™ aims to achieve a 20% increase of organic materials (natural nutrients) in the soil through its regenerative agricultural practices. This is supported by a 25% reduction in pesticides, with an eventual goal of zero pesticide use throughout time, and the effective eradication of tillage.

“As part of NATIVA™’s goals of positively impacting the supply chain for a more sustainable system, we wanted to expand our reach from wool into new fibers. With cotton playing such a significant role in the fashion industry, it was only natural to extend our programme to this iconic fiber.” said Maria Estrada, NATIVA™ Global Director.

NATIVA™ Regenerative Cotton’s founding partner, Nafpaktos Textile Industry SA, is based in Greece. Every step from the cultivation to the fiber processing and yarn making takes place in Greece – resulting in a farm to fiber cycle fully accomplished within the EU and complying with EU standards in labour and environmental conservation rights. Among partner brands NATIVA we find Stella McCartney, Gucci, Pangaia.

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