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GSC GROUP presents the Trend Book A-I 25/26

Discover the trend colours proposed by the Italian leather chemicals group

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April 2024

GSC GROUP presents the Trend Book A-I 25/26

There are 4 fashion scenarios that GSC Group presents in its Trend Book for Autumn-Winter 25/26. Here is a summary of the themes and colour palettes.

An emotional journey through wild, unspoilt landscapes. The dark green of the foliage, the brick red of the trunks and the brown bark evokes solidity and connection to the earth.


The colours dip into a wintery delicacy. Pastel shades of peach, beige and crystal green blend to create a refined and ethereal atmosphere.


The colours exude timeless elegance. Shades of grey dominate, imparting a sense of serenity and composure, while fuller beige tones blend with shades of brown and mauve.


The colours are dense and seductive, exuding glamour and mystery. Shades of red fading towards violet catch the eye, evoking passion and emotional depth.

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