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Giovanna Ceolini will lead Assocalzaturifici until 2027

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March 2024

Giovanna Ceolini will lead Assocalzaturifici until 2027

Sustainability, digitalisation, innovation, Made in Italy, and CDMO as drivers for the development of the sector, with a focus on training to make the footwear industry an attractive sector for young people. These are the points on which she will focus.

Giovanna Ceolini, who was confirmed as President of Assocalzaturifici by the Assembly of associates held on 7 March 2024, will remain in office as President until June 2027.

“A challenging job awaits us. We must respond to a difficult economic situation, in a geopolitical framework dominated by uncertainty, with initiatives and projects that support our companies on international markets. Today, more than ever, it is important to put the interests of the sector and therefore our Association back at the centre”.

Flanking the President, Giuseppe Baiardo, Vice President for Training and Orientation, Luisa Benigno, Vice President for Business Culture and Production Strategies, Giuseppe Camerlengo Vice President for International Affairs, and Valentino Fenni Vice President for Russia, C.S.I. Area, and Made in Italy.

Ceolini highlighted the most salient aspects of her programme, from internationalisation, to continue to promote footwear Made in Italy in the world, consolidating mature markets and seeking new opportunities in emerging ones, to collaboration with leading technical institutes and vocational schools to encourage generational turnover.

Other objectives include the valorisation of subcontracting companies, better known as CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organisation), to defend the traditional craftsmanship of Italian manufacturing.

Among the projects in the pipeline are the reorganisation of MICAM’s pavilions, the strengthening of the MICAMX area, with a focus on seminar content, the section dedicated to the retail of the future, communication and events.

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