Expo Riva Schuh: A/W 23-24 is made of boots, sneakers and moccasins

As always, Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags got things going for the coming winter, presenting new collections from international manufacturers and brands. A varied landscape, in which ankle boot models were again the winners. Those who thought that we would go for a longer style proved to be mistaken, as the preference remains for a style that goes just above the ankle.


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Expo Riva Schuh Autumn/Winter ’23-24

The allure of Biker and Military, with strictly carrarmato bottoms, continues to attract buyers, often featuring distinctive laces and zips.If you are looking for something new, still in the short boots category, you can opt for a western flavour. Texans are making a tentative comeback.The call to the mountains is less strong than in recent seasons, but still with us. The mood remains, thanks to allusions and details in the laces and technical eyelets.

Faster to fit, faster to release: the new Jet fastener from Hawai Italia

Fast, intuitive and versatile. Jet is the new Hawai Italia system that transforms and evolves the shoe fastening.


Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags, back in the light!

Ten international government delegations, more than 8,600 attendees from 100 countries and visitors from outside the EU up 5%.


APC's Fosca reinforcing is perfect for structured bags with a rounded feel

It provides structure to the object without making it rigid. Great for bags, belts and small leather goods.


Industrie Chimiche Forestali acquires the business unit of Tessitura Langé s.r.l.

With the agreement ICF strengthens its position in the footwear sector, guaranteeing the market increasingly sustainable products.


Go!Zero by Gommus: a better world, starting with the soles!

Innovative and eco-conscious, Gommus proposes with its Go!Zero brand four different paths to reduce or zero waste creation, while respecting maximum lightness and comfort.


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