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Corplast: competence and professionalism since 1973

A catalogue offer of more than 2000 selectable and printable articles in 6 families of soles materials for fashion, safety and sports footwear, combining high quality and care for the environment.

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February 2024

Corplast: competence and professionalism since 1973

Founded in 1973 offering TPR and PVC printed soles in black and brown, Corplast first established itself in the nascent Fermano-Maceratese footwear district and then in the main European and international footwear markets. Over time, the range of materials and solutions has expanded to meet the needs of the fashion sector, and the technical difficulty and sophistication of the solutions proposed has increased, as has the number of articles in the catalogue that can be moulded using injection moulding machines. A catalogue that today boasts over 2000 articles that can be selected and moulded in 6 families of materials: TPR, TPU, PU, EVA, EvolGum and Rubflex, available in standard, translucent, expanded, rubberised and metallised colours.

The fashion sector has always been the driving force behind Corplast’s productions, so much so that it has guaranteed the company the trust of important Italian and international brands, but the Safety & Sport sector is also growing, where the materials proposed – first and foremost TPU – are ideal for the production of footwear and inserts for the high-end safety and sport world. The special TPU compounds are also naturally non-slip and ideal for resisting oil and abrasion, in full compliance with the mandatory minimum requirements for safety footwear.

Lastly, Corplast dedicates constant attention to sustainability, operating according to the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle, following the Circularity of Materials and the Traceability of the Supply Chain, to offer 4 lines of materials that at the same time maintain the quality of the finished product: GRS-certified TPR with recycled percentage content from the recovery of TPR waste. GRS-certified TPU with recycled percentage content from recovered TPU waste. EVA with percentage content of third-generation bio-based EVA* (using organisms independent of the human food source). EVA with percentage content of regenerated EVA from the recovery of production waste.

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