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Design is nothing if you can’t produce and market it

Why does Arsutoria, the workshop school, offer an educational experience different from many other design schools? Because it trains professionals capable of using their creativity to develop designs that come to life and turn into prototypes and real collections.


Alessandra Colombo: that bit of 
courage that changes your life

Italian, after a work experience in finance, she landed at Arsutoria School to pursue her dream and test herself by taking the one-year master's degree in Bags. Today, a year later, while already working at one of the most prestigious fashion brands, she thinks her dream has a solid foundation to turn into reality.


To learn about the product and processes in a short time

Increasing every year the Arsutoria courses offer for companies or professionals who can attend part-time.


3D design of shoes and bags

After the pandemic, 3D Design skills are increasingly in demand by companies.


When industry and education join forces

Arsutoria's network of relationships is a valuable resource for students.


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| Arsutoria #478

Sustainable soles: that’s the new obsession for Summer 2024

Yes, agreed, next Spring Summer 2024 will still see many footwear proposals that will feature soles with very important volumes, quite taxed and aggressive in look. A rule that will also apply to sandals and slippers. For sure we will have an overabundance of colors, even very bright, tending to fluorescent.

Materials Shoes Sustainability
| Arsutoria #477

MICAM: Here are the A/W 23-24 shoes.

Winter is the season of boots, and the coming cold season is no exception: fashion is pointing to chelsea boots, as well as amphibians and combat boots, often customized with metallic accessories or fur inserts.
Not too far away is the sound of revolver shots announcing the return of Texans, featuring metallic and jeweled accessories, animal leathers and metallic inserts.

| Arsutoria #476

Expo Riva Schuh: A/W 23-24 is made of boots, sneakers and moccasins

As always, Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags got things going for the coming winter, presenting new collections from international manufacturers and brands. A varied landscape, in which ankle boot models were again the winners. Those who thought that we would go for a longer style proved to be mistaken, as the preference remains for a style that goes just above the ankle.

| Arsutoria #476

Pitti Uomo: diverse masculine future for A/W 23-24

Masculine Future is the name of one of the areas that Pitti Uomo dedicated to men’s fashion during the last event. A future that is not easy to intercept, as it crosses many areas of taste, creativity and style.

On the one hand, aesthetic research is more than ever linked to craftsmanship processes, with textural textures, functional details and multifaceted materials. On the other hand, the re-established contact with nature inspires light and resistant accessories and footwear, which indulges movement in day-to-day comfort. Attention to the environmental impact associated with innovative designs is intensified, even on eco-materials.

| Arsutoria #476

Arsutoria School: the right place for you

Shoe enthusiasts, more creative designers, aspiring entrepreneurs or production technicians ask themselves all the time: what will be the right place to acquire the skills that can help me enter or grow in such a fascinating but very complex industry as fashion accessories? In the next few pages they will find the point of view of someone who has been training shoe fanatics for over seventy years.

Bags ShoesFree
| Arsutoria #475

Soles and heels: there is no getting away from sustainability

By now it is clear and obvious, the world of footwear structures can no longer ignore the issues of sustainability, the constant and incremental search for new materials, whether they are of organic or recycled origin. Almost all of the innovative designs proposed for the upcoming fall winter 2023/24 have emphasized environmental friendliness.

If we look at the aesthetic themes emphasized, thick and important bottoms designed specially to accompany the new wave of boots that will undoubtedly invade future winter storefronts jump out at us.
But the theme of the height of the bottoms and their solid and massive appearance remains well anchored even in the low models, whether sneakers or loafers. Colors and graphics, a theme usually unaccustomed for the cold months, are instead making their way into the 2023s.
Beware the graphics are also going to invade the territories of elegance, which is unlikely to be expressed in minimalist tones.

Materials Shoes SustainabilityFree
| Arsutoria #469

Simac Tanning Tech and technological innovation

Simac Tanning Tech has always been committed to innovation and is a leader in technological innovation for the sector, not only with its usual trade fair but also, and above all, through the many initiatives it has undertaken.

Bags ShoesFree
| Arsutoria #469

Sneakers: the never ending story and the trends for the coming winter season

Whether the reign of the sneakers is eternal or not we can not know. What is certain is that these shoes are living a golden age. Comfortable and versatile, they are loved by children and young people and not only! But what will they look like for next autumn/winter 2022/23?