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Bernardini Srl’s commitment to a sustainable future

The Veneto-based leather chemicals company has obtained ZDHC Level 3 compliance

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February 2024

Bernardini Srl’s commitment to a sustainable future

Bernardini Srl has obtained ZDHC Level 3 certification according to the ICEC TS 420 technical specification. “We are proud of this result, which today allows us to preside over the market with even greater transparency, offering retailers and tanneries a further guarantee of the safety and quality of our products,” explains Ivano Bernardini, owner of the Arzignano-based company specialising in the production of chemical auxiliaries for the wet phase of tanning.
To date, 200 Bernardini chemical products have already been registered on ZDHC’s Chemical Gateway platform, which guarantees their compliance with ZDHC’s Roadmap to Zero (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) programme, aimed to limit and eliminate the most hazardous chemicals, according to MRSL version 3.1 in order to promote safer chemistry while respecting and protecting the environment.
A challenging path, the one necessary to obtain Level 3 (the highest) conformity, which certifies the absence of hazardous substances in the products, but also their being state-of-the-art in all respects. “Paradoxically, this was the easiest part because we have always been committed to producing high-performance chemical auxiliaries using raw materials of natural and renewable origin as much as possible, as is also stated in the motto ‘Ecological Leather Chemicals’ combined with our company name,” explains Bernardini, assisted in the business by his sons Dimitri and Patrick, who represent the third family generation at the helm of this Veneto-based company that will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year.
An important milestone, then, that comes at the end of a journey that began many years ago. Indeed, Bernardini has always believed in the importance of certifications, obtaining ISO 9001 for quality in 2005 and ISO 14001 for the environment in 2008. “The environmental certification obtained then helped us a lot in the path we are now on with ZDHC because at that time we equipped the new 5,000 square metre plant, where we still are today, to guarantee the utmost respect for the environment and the absolute safety of the workers,” concludes the Veneto entrepreneur.

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