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Polartec® Power Shield™ RPM

The Milliken & Company brand, creator of innovative and sustainable textile solutions, introduces its new recycled polyester membrane designed for weather protection.

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Aprile 2024

Polartec® Power Shield™ RPM

Designed to improve performance, to go further and to enrich the lives of the wearer, Polartec® Power Shield™ RPM represents a new milestone in the process of reducing our impact on our Planet and creating circular processes.

It is a recycled polyester fabric that revolutionises the category of products dedicated to protection from atmospheric agents by offering waterproofness, windproof properties and breathability, characteristics that also ensure high elasticity, comfort and resistance. Offering a wide range of motion and the durability of the 100% recycled polyester membrane designed for high intensity activities, Power Shield™ RPM increases comfort during end use and is perfect for runners, cyclists and golfers who do not sacrifice sustainability in favour of performance.

Designed to meet the needs of high-level athletes as well as weekend enthusiasts, the use of sustainably sourced recycled polyester reduces both the product’s carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels, promoting circularity processes.

It also features Polartec® Shed Less™ technology, an innovative process that reduces the dispersion of fibre fragments during home washing by up to 85%*, without compromising the performance or durability of the fabrics to which it is applied. By optimising its yarn construction, knitting, chemistry and manufacturing process excellence, Polartec has developed a way to ensure that the same fibres that give its iconic fleece a soft, comfortable hand feel also resist breakage or chafing, all without altering the distinctive characteristics that make Polartec fleece the ideal choice in terms of lightness, breathability and warmth for mid-layers. This unique technology is now available globally for Polartec’s most iconic recycled fleece, Polartec® 200 and Micro™ Series.

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