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Vibram Strat-X, to revolutionize the construction of uppers

At Pitti Uomo, Vibram explores new horizons that combine technology and design to bring to life an unprecedented level of customization.

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March 2024

Vibram Strat-X, to revolutionize the construction of uppers

Vibram is introducing Vibram Strat-X technology, an innovation designed by the company to radically transform the conventional approach to the construction and customization of shoe uppers. Vibram Strat-X is an innovative material, a thin sheet that through an advanced molding process allows the creation of the upper and/or technical or fashion covers in a single step while maintaining the high quality of Vibram rubber. The rubber sheets, with different finishes and thicknesses, allow the creation of a wide range of elements: strength, lightness, robustness, elasticity, waterproofing and versatility emerge as key features of this new concept, adaptable to a variety of applications. The two finished products LB214 and Luxury Rubber Boot, presented at Pitti in black the former and in blue the latter, are two examples of different applications of this process that generates two distinct types of construction. With LB214, Strat-X technology acts as a protective shell offering waterproofing and protection. The Luxury Rubber boot, on the other hand, combines quality and comfort, resulting in a unique and original look for all occasions. The Strat-X technology used for the upper, is characterized as a lightweight and comfortable material that is as soft as leather, but maintains the high-quality performance standard of Vibram rubber.

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