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NexX4TM, the revolutionary new sole

A new brand from JV International makes its debut at Enforce Tac in Nuremberg

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February 2024

NexX4<sup>TM</sup>, the revolutionary new sole

Imagine wearing a shoe with a sole that is transparent, just like glass, but completely and easily customisable aesthetically, in terms of colour, texture and design. Suitable for any type of shoe, shape and thickness. A unique sole, characterised by extreme lightness, high abrasion resistance, long life and constant high performance in all weather conditions. NexX4TM is the new brand that identifies this incredible innovation, developed by the JVI-Engineering Business Unit owned by JV International srl ( With NexX4TM, JVI-Engineering has decided to change the rules of the game by revolutionising not only the world of soles but the very way footwear is conceived, designed and manufactured.
At the military trade fair – Enforce Tac in Nuremberg (26-28 February) – the Czech brand Prabos is the first to choose NexX4TM on its Striker model, an ultra-resistant camouflage combat boot.
In this shoe, the application of NexX4TM plays a key role. Thanks to its transparency, this sole blends perfectly with the boot’s camouflage style. The unrivalled lightness of NexX4TM offers extreme comfort, while the special design of the tread, combined with the intrinsic characteristics of the material, guarantees a firm grip even on wet and damp terrain. The high performance in terms of abrasion resistance, lightness, grip and consistent performance over a wide temperature range from -40 to +40 make this boot unrivalled in its sector. From fashion to uniform, from sport to work & safety NexX4TM establishes itself as the solution of the future. Not just a sole, but a true technology capable of making each shoe unique and able to exceed expectations, more and more up to every daily or extraordinary need, in any climate and environment.

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