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Micro Lenzi, the new environmentally friendly textile reinforcement

A resin-free ‘coagulated’ textile material that stays clean when cut and is strong and firm when fleshed.

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February 2024

Micro Lenzi, the new environmentally friendly textile reinforcement

Lenzi Egisto is sustainable from start to finish. In the sense that the Tuscan company was born with recycling in mind, and even today, after more than a century, its research and development has led it to bring to market a new environmentally conscious material that is in demand in the manufacturing world. But let’s go in order and start from the beginning, precisely.

In Prato, in 1898, Egisto Lenzi began his business of recovering noble fibers from discarded clothing. An activity that in our days we would call ‘virtuous fiber recycling’.

After a few years during which the recycled fibers were sold on the local market, he started his own fabric production business and the company’s first production nucleus came into being. Developments were rapid and, in 1936, it became necessary to increase production by adding the Vaiano production site, with a larger industrial area, where the headquarters and part of Lenzi Egisto’s production is still located today.

The production of ‘unconventional’ fabrics and the continuous search for innovative textile solutions began in the immediate postwar period. In the last thirty years, however, the great technological transformations that have taken place in the textile sector have allowed the consolidation of new business strategies, the search for innovative textile solutions in the fields of military clothing, protective textiles and functional fashion. Sometimes ‘visionary’ solutions, but which have confirmed Lenzi Egisto as a brand synonymous with quality textile innovation.

Lenzi’s research and development have always been aimed at proposing novel materials, developed to solve specific and concrete market demands.

As happened in the mid-1990s when Jacquard fabrics made with high-tech fibers were introduced, even among the big Fashion brands, which guaranteed resistance and functionality even to the fashion accessory while maintaining extremely ‘glamorous’ look and feel.

In the early 2000s Lenzi launched barrier fabrics for anti-puncture insoles in safety footwear, which could replace the uncomfortable and heavy steel sheets. Since then, the world of safety footwear has never been the same.

It was said that Lenzi Egisto is a sustainable company from start to finish. We come, then, if not to the end, to the present day. Today, LENZI has taken up the market demand to find a solution to the problem of leather reinforcements. Traditional microfiber reinforcements, produced by ‘aggressive’ chemical processes, are no longer acceptable.

“In order to propose a sustainable, environmentally friendly and zero-kilometer solution, we needed to be able to make an alternative product in-house, a textile material ‘coagulated’ without resins, which would remain clean when cut, resistant and compact during fleshing,” they tell in Lenzi Egisto. Thus MICRO LENZI was born, the new textile reinforcement that is the result of research conducted on innovative fibers that manage to remain cohesive without the need to use resins of any kind. A polyamide-based fibers of European production.

MICRO LENZI materials are entirely woven and finished in the factories in Vaiano, near Prato, Tuscany.

Micro Lenzi products, while resin-free and sustainable, are easy to use. They are suitable for bonding to leather, are trimmed without any problem, and can be fleshed out leaving a clean, fray-free edge, even with a raw cut.

It is available in three colors (White, Gray and Black) and in five weights to cover the various reinforcement needs of different types of leather.

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