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Michelin soles drive the aesthetic evolution of work shoes

A roundup of the latest proposals launched on the market by the best brands in the sector

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February 2024

Michelin soles drive the aesthetic evolution of work shoes

In recent years, the world of work footwear has undergone the most significant aesthetic transformation in the sector. Today, these shoes take their inspiration in look and colours from trainers, running shoes from the outdoor sector, bringing a rainbow of colours to the halls of the German trade fair.

The colours catch the eye but the real difference in these collections is the innovation and technology of the materials used for the uppers and soles.

Characteristics that we find in the new collections proposed by Amblers, Royer, Solid Gear and Swolx with Michelin soles developed by JV International, worldwide licensee for the design, production and distribution of Michelin soles. It is an ongoing challenge and stimulus to meet the specific needs of workers. Attention has been paid to designing soles that can provide important features for everyday safety in the workplace, such as a firm grip on the most slippery terrain when in contact with chemicals and oily substances.

Michelin soles always guarantee a high level of safety, whether in closed environments such as warehouses or workshops, or on outdoor construction sites. All while offering maximum comfort. Reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace is a priority for JV International and this is also why more and more companies are choosing the quality and safety of Michelin soles for their footwear.

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