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GSC GROUP to take part in Freiberg Leather Days

On 13 June, the Italian company will present in Salzburg the study: “Use of bio-based chemicals and LCA assessment for future leather production”

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June 2024

GSC GROUP to take part in Freiberg Leather Days

GSC Group announces its participation in the 12th Freiberg Leather Days to be held in Salzburg, Austria, from 12 to 13 June, at the initiative of the German leather chemicals association VGCT and the Freiberg Research Institute FILK.
“We will participate in this prestigious conference, which is highly significant for the European tanning and leather industry, by presenting an innovative study inspired by the result of the IULTCS 2022 and the consequential insights garnered from the ALCA 2024 conference” the leather chemicals company explain.
The title of the study is: “Utilisation of bio-based chemicals evaluation and LCA assessment for the future leather manufacture”. GSC Group specialist lectures will be presented by Riccardo Pasquale, PhD, at 09:15 a.m. on Thursday, June 13th.
Aware of the global need for more environmentally friendly materials, GSC Group has embraced the challenge by committing to reduce hazardous chemicals and develop leather processing products that significantly incorporate renewable sources. Bio-based compounds are gaining prominence in the market and establishing a significant role in the raw material supply chain.

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