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Court of Venice: no wrongdoing by Rotacoat srl, Barnini srl and Diego Marcolin

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March 2024

Court of Venice: no wrongdoing by Rotacoat srl, Barnini srl and Diego Marcolin

Two proceedings in the judicial affair that pitted three important companies in the tannery machinery sector against each other come to a close

On 7 March, the court of Venice recognised that Rotacoat, Barnini and Mr Diego Marcolin had committed no wrongdoing against Gemata, a Vicenza-based company that is a leading manufacturer of coating machines. A court case that, in a nutshell, began in October 2019 when Gemata employee Diego Marcolin moved to Rotacoat and was subsequently accused of stealing company data and documents from Gemata.
The order of the Court of Venice follows that of 29 February 2024 when also the Judge for Preliminary Investigations of the Court of Pisa, accepting the Public Prosecutor’s request for archiving, had ordered the archiving of the criminal proceedings initiated by Gemata against Mr Diego Marcolin, as no unlawful conduct attributable to him had emerged as a result of the extensive preliminary investigations.
“These are two decisions (the one in the civil court and the one in the criminal court) that we have been waiting for for a long time and that confirm what we have been clamouring for since the beginning of this affair. We are therefore very happy that clarity has finally been shed, bringing light and truth to the matter. The trial on the merits has also been started recently, with which we are certain, on the basis of the positive outcomes of the precautionary, appeal and criminal proceedings, to obtain further confirmation of the measures already issued by the Court of Venice, as well as compensation for the damages suffered to date”.

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