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AS Green Technology, cutting-edge and tailor-made solutions

The Tuscan mechanical engineering company specialising in the design of leather handling, drying and conditioning systems is booming

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March 2024

AS Green Technology, cutting-edge and tailor-made solutions

Despite a difficult market context, this early 2024 sees the Tuscan company AS Green Technology working at full speed. Specialising in the production of a wide range of leather drying and conditioning systems, as well as overhead conveyors, automatic loaders and more, the company based in Montopoli in Val d’Arno (Pisa) is reaping the benefits of an activity that officially began only four years ago, but strengthened by experience that comes from much further afield. In August 2020, forced by events, the young entrepreneur Filippo Sani decided to set up a new company where he was able to transfer – and then increase – the know-how he had acquired by working for several years alongside his father, who had died prematurely, bringing with him a small group of highly experienced former colleagues who believed in him. In just a few years, this young entrepreneur has earned the trust of the market through determination and foresight.

In just a few years, AS Green Technology has carved out an important share of the market. Can we make a small assessment?
“We are very satisfied with the road travelled so far. We have worked hard and today we can safely say that our customers include several prestigious tanneries working in both the fashion and automotive sectors. Italian and foreign companies that have evidently found in us a suitable technological partner. In addition, we also have customers from outside the industry with our automatic handling and transport lines”.

What do customers appreciate most?
“The market seems to appreciate competence and flexibility, which in short means being able to listen to requests, analyse them and develop proposals in line with the tannery’s needs. And then the quality of the technological offer, cutting-edge from all points of view and always tailor-made for the specific reality for which it is intended. We are like tailors: the level of customisation of the systems is our distinguishing feature. Another of our trump cards is the fact that we work in synergy with a number of specialised suppliers; we have built a network that allows us to make the production process more efficient by relying on other manufacturers for certain parts of the systems, thus saving time and costs”.

The AS 400 drying plant
Interior of the leather conditioning room

How do your technologies differ?
“The adjective ‘green’ in our company name communicates a fundamental concept, namely that our plants are designed to work with environmentally friendly cycles by reducing energy consumption, processing times and emissions, while maintaining high quality levels. Our plants can be completely independent of any classical supply lines, such as steam, gas, hot water. Where possible, we use renewable electricity produced by photovoltaic plants and, thanks to conversion systems, we are able to guarantee process temperatures appropriate to the type of articulation”.

You were among the first to propose virtual reality. How is it going?
“It is a very popular tool. Virtual reality offers an extraordinary immersive experience, allowing you to experience the entire machining process in 360°. We use it both in the commercial phase, because it helps customers better understand the technologies, and for after-sales assistance where it has proved very useful, especially abroad, to help diagnose faults and malfunctions”.

What does 2024 look like?
“The tanning sector is suffering at the moment and so there is some uncertainty. As far as we are concerned, looking at the orders already in house, I tend to be confident that the company can match and even surpass the results of a very positive 2023”.

Plans for the future?
“We are the leader of an important research project on the drying and conditioning of leather, which involves various players but of which it is still too early to give details. We will talk about this later”.

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