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Arsutoria School: Excellence in footwear and leather goods training

Arsutoria School has been in existence since 1947. It does not remember this as mere show-off, but rather uses its deep knowledge of the trade and the industry to train professionals who can approach the world of footwear and leather goods design and production with a very high, and now rare, level of expertise.


Design is nothing if you can’t produce and market it

Why does Arsutoria, the workshop school, offer an educational experience different from many other design schools? Because it trains professionals capable of using their creativity to develop designs that come to life and turn into prototypes and real collections.


Alessandra Colombo: that bit of 
courage that changes your life

Italian, after a work experience in finance, she landed at Arsutoria School to pursue her dream and test herself by taking the one-year master's degree in Bags. Today, a year later, while already working at one of the most prestigious fashion brands, she thinks her dream has a solid foundation to turn into reality.


To learn about the product and processes in a short time

Increasing every year the Arsutoria courses offer for companies or professionals who can attend part-time.


3D design of shoes and bags

After the pandemic, 3D Design skills are increasingly in demand by companies.


When industry and education join forces

Arsutoria's network of relationships is a valuable resource for students.


Discover more contents in the latest issue of Arsutoria Magazine

Arsutoria #478

Inside Arsutoria Magazine you will find the latest industry news, photo galleries with shoe, bag and material trends, and interviews with professionals and experts in the world of footwear and leather goods.