Arsutoria School believes in leather goods… and numbers prove it right

Arsutoria School has continued to invest in new courses and machinery over the past two years, and now the export numbers of Italian leather goods prove it right. So then it's starting a new season full of initiatives and collaborations with important companies in the sector.


Arsutoria School: two successful experiences in bag training

The European LEIA project on the use of virtual and augmented reality for technical training in the bag sector, which has just ended, and the course for pattern makers and luxury bag prototypers, funded by the Lombardy Region. Two successful case histories for Arsutoria School.


Comelz alongside Arsutoria School for bag courses

Comelz will make the CAD Cleopatra programme available for the ‘pattern makers and luxury bag prototypers’ course held at Arsutoria School and funded by the Lombardy Region.


CLO 3D and Prisma Tech alongside Arsutoria School for 3D bag courses

There are many opportunities related to 3D modelling, but when it comes to bags you need product expertise. Arsutoria launches the first CLO 3D course.


Galli S.p.A. alongside Arsutoria for bag prototyping courses

Technical training requires learning environments that are as similar as possible to factories. Galli S.p.A. has decided to support Arsutoria School in creating a didactic factory for bag prototyping.


Mass Balance: what it is and why it can represent the future of sustainable plastics

The mass balance concept applied to the choice of sustainable materials for their productions will assume increasingly more importance. Let us find out why.


Arsutoria courses are now available on the Quomoda platform

Some of the Arsutoria School courses for the design and development of footwear and leather goods are now exclusively available on the online learning platform of Resourced, offering students all over the world the possibility to access contents of interest through a new channel.


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